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StageCircle is a community especially for musicians and artists. The services and offerings from stageCircle are there to help musicians & artists to realise their art.
StageCircle members can share, find new contacts, find answers to questions, market their products, find new challenges or find new artists and musicians for their own projects.
Members can find everything at one site, without having to do lengthy online searches. The services of StageCircle consist of a community, a forum for artists, a classified section, including articles for sale, job offers, skills and services on offer, our own music distribution, an online musicshop for mp3 offerings, an events diary and the possibility to promote your artistic profile. You can book promotional space to raise your profile and generate some attention.

You will find musicians and artists, creative thinking and working people. amateurs and professionals, beginners and experienced artists.

The members of StageCircle are part of creative areas such as: music, acting, fotographie, film & theater, graphic & design as well as creative crafts. Newbies and beginners will find a lot of usefull things, which can help them to be more successfull in less time. You can rediscover old friends and find new friends.

You’ll be able to find pieces of equipment you have have been searching for ages or discover interesting jobs and projects. Share and exchange with other artists, discuss your work, life, philosophie or find new love. StageCircle is your creative base.

You will find a lot of usefull things in one place. No drawn out searches on the internet.

At StageCircle you will find like minded people, information and offerings, which will help you to realise your art. You can adjust your profile to match your focus in life, so you can always be up to date.

StageCircle can be your daily companion in your artistic life.

Some of our services can be extremely supportive.

You will find new artists for collaborations, discover new projects or you can find the job of dreams. Experienced artists will help you with questions.

StageCircles distributon service can market your music. The classified section can help you to find bargains or pick up that piece of equipment you wanted for a long time.

At StageCircle we continously strive to improve and expand our range of services. StageCircle will become an important companion.

Membership is free to start with.

Registration and opening an account are completely free of charge. As soon as you open your personal account, you can benefit from a great number of free services.

There are few services which require a subscription. This subscription has a moderate fee and will give you full access to all services and offerings. Even though we keep our fees low, they are crucial to enable us to run and maintain StageCircle and all its Services.

Not at all. You are and will remain the sole owner of your legal rights. StageCircle will not ask you to hand over ownership of your legal rights and is not asking you to give up part of your royalties, your creations or your income.

StageCircle is a community, that you can use for your own benefit. Only when you decide to use the distribution service of StageCircle and enter a distribution and marketing contract with StageCircle, will it become necessary to give StageCircle and its partners certain licensing rights,in order to enable them to act on your behalf.

Your rights, however, will remain in your hands. You can find out more about this in the music distribution section.

StageCircle lets you discover many creative, informative and material offerings and functions. StageCircle presently offers a personal account, where you can create and manage your personal profile.

You can store media files, communicate and share  via a dashboard system. An artists exchange, consisting of an artist- and job- pool, will help you find new artists, new projects and new jobs. There also is a forum you can use for discussions, find answers to questions and  share about your work or life.

The classified section will help you to find or sell your gear. Perhaps you might find your great inspiring soul mate in the artist friends portal.

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