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Basically anybody can open an account with StageCircle.

However, we think you should be active in a creative art or discipline – StageCircle is a  platform for musicians and artists.
Most of your activities should be in creative areas. StageCircle is the first adress to support you on your path as musician or artist and to give you the oportunity to meet like minded people.

So you can share, swap news and spread your art.

If you want to open a personal member account, you need to create a user name, submit a valid email adress, and create a password. Your email adress is used to confirm your registration and will not be published. You can change this to an email adress of your choice, if you want to use a different one as a means of contact.

You can freely choose your username, which later on, you can also use to link to your membership account. It is important that your chosen username has not yet been  used by someone else. Each user name can only be used once. You might need to be creative. In case your username is the same as a registered trademark or copyright  protected, you can get in touch with us via ““Help with problems“.

Any further  details you can enter later on and you can decide for yourself which information you want to disclose. More information can be found under “Who can see my profil and my posts?”.

Your data will used and stored only as long as required for your use of StageCircle.  Your data will  be used exclusively for use with and connected to the StageCircle platform. When you cancel your membership account, all your submitted data and information will be deleted without exception.

StageCircle does not see itself as a data collector and abuser, and it is also not the aim of StageCircle to do so in any way unnessecary. If you wish, you can ask to see a listing of all data you have submitted. Please use the following link for this: “List all my submitted data”

You can use this service once for every calender month. Should you find outdated posts you would like to have deleted, you will have to do this by yourself. You will have to search your profile and your  activities and do this yourself. We will not be able to do this for you.

Under “Edit profile” you can decide which information you want to disclose. You can choose bewteen: “me only”, “friends only”, “any member” or “anybody”.

These settings can be different for each item of information. Additionally you can block users and cut them out completely.
Blocked users will not be able to see your profile or your activities.

There are several posibilities to get in touch with other users. Via the “search members” function, you can find other members and send requests for friendly contact.

You can join groups and share topics. In addition, it is possible to send private emails to  members. Please note that a contact in this way cannot be of a commercial nature. Please observe the terms of service in these regards.
You must not write to other members in order to promote products or promote the sale there of.
You can find additional avenues of contact through: the artists portal, artist job-center  and the friends portal.
You can only use this service, if you booked a subscription.
Further information can be found at “Subscriptions – prices”
With a registered subscription you can use more commercial offerings and disover more benefits for yourself.
Your subscription will give you to the artist portal, the Artist job-center, StageCircles music distribution and the StageCircle Friends portal. Your profile will not automatically be published in StageCircle – Friends. But you can activate it at any time.

Yes, you can block other members. If you think another member needs to be blocked, please let us know. If this member did violate our terms of use, has been harassing you or even tried to harm you in any way,

please use StageCircles Contact pages to get in touch with us.

You can find more information under. “Help with problems It is crucial for us, that you have a positive experience at StageCircle and that you can pursue your activities undisturbed. Any user trying to interfere or disturb this policy in any way, will instantly be blocked and banned from StageCircle.

Don’t panic! You can request to have your login details sent to your email adress at any time. In case your email adress has changed, we also would be able to help you. You need to verify your user account to do this.

What you have to do exactly you can find out at “verify my account” This is for your own protection.

You should always be sure that your account is safely guarded.

Blocking of your account has happened because a violation of our rules of use has happened. You agreed to our guidelines and rules of service when you opened your account with StageCircle.  I order to protect other members, we reserve the right to block an account.
In order to reactivate your account, follow this link:

“account reactivation

Please understand, that we will not neccessary agree to a reactivation of your user account.
We reserve the right to decide wether or not we can give you permission to  partake once more in StageCircle within the framework of our guidelines.

Blocking your user account explicitly prohibits you from opening an account under a different user-name. Should we find out about such an undertaking, we will immediately act against this.

You yourself are responsible to store your login data securely and make sure no unauthorized person can access your data. In case you notice unauthorized access or misuse of your account, please let us know as soon as possible. Use the following link for this: “Unauthorized access to your account” We will immediately deactivate your account for a short time and send you an email through which you can generate a new password.

Just follow the instructions and generate a new password. In case your email adress has changed since you registered and you lost access to your previous email-address, you have to verify your account.

Use the following link: b>”verify acount

As soon as we have confirmed your identity, we will reactivate your account.

You can terminate your account at anytime, although we would very much regret to lose you as a member of StageCircle. To terminate your membership, please follow this Link:

“Terminate user account”

Please remember that your user name will not be available anymore and will remain blocked.
Also you cannot reactivate your account. All your data will irretrievably be deleted.

Please let us know why you want to terminate your account. Perhaps you came across a problem  that we might be able to solve in a different way.

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