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Contacting the StageCircle team

Do you have problems with the sites? – Questions about functions and Services?

Then write us. We will try to help you.

Before you contact the staff please make sure your question isn’t already answerd in the FAQ. There you will find help and a lot of information to answer your questions.

Answers to how to treat and use StageCircle you can also find in the user agreements Group.

Please note that we can’t answer immediatly. But we try to work on every request as soon as possible.

When there is a huge amount of requests it can take up to 3 weekdays to get an answer.

Your StageCircle team

Contacting the team

Forms that will help you to be connected with the right service staff of our team. So we can answer fast and sufficent.

Problems with other users

If you have any problems with your account, you found a trademark or copyright infringement, please use the following forms:

Your request will be answerd more quickly by the right staff.

Dienste von StageCircle

Zu Fragen zu weiteren Diensten von StageCircle, verwende bitte die Formulare der entsprechenden Seiten.

Zu Fragen zum MP3 Shop, dessen Angebot oder Deiner Bestellungen, verwende die Kontaktformular im Shop.

Kontakt zu RondellMusik

Zu Fragen zum Musikvertrieb, dessen Angebote oder Deiner Musikveröffentlichungen, verwende das Kontaktformular von 7spread.

Kontakt zu 7spread

Zu Fragen zum StageCircle Werbeportal, dessen Angebote oder Deiner Werbebuchungen, verwende das Kontaktformular von 7spread.

Kontakt zu StageAdverts

Zu Fragen zu StageCorcle Friends, dessen Angebote, Deiner Mitgliedschaft oder Deiner Buchungen, verwende das Kontaktformular von StageFriends.

Kontakt zu StageFriends

Zu Fragen zum Musikverlag, dessen Aufgaben und Tätigkeiten, verwende das Kontaktformular vom Rondell Musikverlag.

Kontakt zum Rondell Muskverlag

StageCircle support

Please write down your request with as much detail as possible, so we can give you a fast and pointed answer.

Please take note of the other forms to make sure you pick the right one.

Allgemeines Kontaktformular

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